Vision & Strategy
Sanergy Group continuously upholds the mission of low-carbon transformation. Through two core strategies supporting the decarbonization of the steel and energy industries, it is committed to creating an efficient and sustainable path to a net-zero future.
Core Strategy 1
In-depth business collaboration with downstream customers and explore more opportunities for the decarbonization transformation of the steel industry

Eliminating production process bottlenecks, improving production efficiency, and optimizing production capacity

Establishing a green production process to reduce carbon emissions during production

Optimizing operations to achieve the best allocation of resources

Deeply collaborating with downstream customers to explore more possibilities for the transformation of the steel industry

Core Strategy 2
Producing graphite anode materials for the decarbonization of the energy industry

Strengthening R&D capabilities and expanding anode materials and lithium battery-related products

Increasing resource allocation to solidify its position as a pioneer in Europe

Deeply rooted in the Chinese and European markets to establish a higher-quality anode material supply chain

Leveraging its extensive global network of relationships to meet the growing market demand

Production Planning
Total production capacity of graphite electrodes is expected to 68,000 tons and short-term graphite anode materials production capacity is targeted at 20,000 tons in 2025

Total production capacity of graphite electrodes is expected to reach 46,000 tons, and it is projected to reach 68,000 tons after capacity upgrades in 2025

Plans to construct a graphite anode material production base in Italy with a capacity of 20,000 tons

Production capacity of graphite electrodes
  • Total production capacity of graphite electrodes
    46000 tons
    Until 2023
  • Total production capacity of graphite electrodes after capacity upgrades
    68000 tons
    In 2025
46000 tons
In 2025
68000 tons
Graphite Anode Material Production Capacity Target

  • 20000 tons
    Short-term goal

  • 120000 tons
    Long-term goal
Short-term goal
20000 tons
Long-term goal
120000 tons
Contact Us
  • China Headquarter - No. 3 East Industrial Avenue, Hongzhou Industrial Park, Huixian Industrial Agglomeration Zone, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, China
    Hong Kong Headquarter - Room 2602, 26 / F, China Resources Building, 26 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
  • +852 2951 3500

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